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Enjoy a day under water with our daily diving tour

Daily Dive Trip

GallerySeven days a week our boat leave the harbor to more than 50 different diving sites. Non-divers and snorkelers will enjoy our comfortable boat. An ideal surrounding to relax and enjoy the sun.



don´t touch the coral and the fish. Don´t feed the fish.

It is

understandable that no rubbish should be thrown in the sea


picking up and taking of souvenirs (Shells, corals etc.) from the seabed is forbidden by law.


Food and drinks  Transfer in Hurghada


Hurghada as long been recognized as one of the most beautiful places in the world to dive, benefiting from year round sun-shine and warm temperatures making it an ideal holiday destination for divers and non-divers alike.

Night Diving

Experience a different nightlife. Lionfish, Spanish dancers, delicate feather stars and squid are just some of the nocturnally active creatures that can be seen after sunset over Hurghada. After observing the sunset, get ready on the boat and dive into another world. If you need a flashlight, we will provide you with it at no extra charge. You will find corals that are not visible during the day, as well as a variety of sea urchins that come out of the whole. Moray eels, lionfish and others only hunt at night. If there's plankton, it'll glow magically around you. Spanish dancers are also only seen during night dives. Included Complete equipment Transfer within Hurghada

Wreck Diving

If you want to dive the famous wrecks of Abu Nuhas, the Thistlegorm or the Salem Express, we can arrange these activities for an add-on charge to your dive package. 

Intro Diving

Discover the miracle of the reserve with our introduction. Dive with an instructor or divemaster who will gently introduce you to the wonders of the Red Sea. We will teach you the basic theory and familiarize you with the equipment before accompanying you on a beautiful controlled dive at limited depth. Anyone, large or small, can explore the fascinating underwater world of the Red Sea. A short introduction to diving theory, a few exercises and then you can dive hand in hand with one of our experienced instructors or Dive Master. You will not go deeper than 8 meters. After the first dive lunch will be served and a break of 1 - 2 hours will be taken. Plenty of time to relax, sunbathe or snorkel.

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